The simple truth about Holography Packaging is that It's Eye Catching, turns heads, and changes the mind of today's quality conscious consumers. The majority of purchasing decisions are made at retail level. Gaining a competitive edge over the clutter is even more difficult. The answer has been to go beyond the four basic elements of packaging design (color, shape, icon and words) and enter a fifth dimension, "a glint of light". This is what Holography Packaging is all about!

Starting in 1999, Metatex pioneered Holography in Pakistan with latest state of the art, fully integrated American plant to produce customized Holographic film stickers. Today Metatex is a full member of INTERNATIONAL HOLOGRAM MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (IHMA).


Product Authentication
Holographic Technology is becoming more sophisticated day by day. It is the only way to discourage counterfeiters. Metatex has comprehensive range of Holographic products including:

- Holographic Stickers (tamper evident & self adhesive)
- Hot Stamping Foils
- Holography laminated transparent films
- Holographic metallised films on PVC, BOPP and polyester films for rigid and flexible packaging
- Other proven security products

Material Technology
Our experimental and innovative works enable us to develop more sophisticated Holographic products.

Transparent Laminated Film
Heat sealable transparent Holographic film specially developed for our newly designed Pakistan National Identity Cards.

Tamper Evident Stickers
The double protected Holograms - which can be broken when anyone tries to remove it from your packaging.

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