METATEX (PVT) LTD is a broad-based converter using all types of materials to complete the packaging needs for our customers. METATEX has the required infra structure to print on any type of material with excellent print graphics and laminating to any other material type. Generally materials are adhesive or extrusion laminated to combine the properties of different materials to maximize the graphics appeal and shelf life requirements of machine performance needs of the construction.

Metatex offers complete solution to the user of Flexible Packaging Material. We offer the following conversion processes of films and papers at our facility.

1- Consultation on the most suitable Packaging material for the product.
2- Advice on choice of laminate based on the barrier requirement of the products.
3- Printing cylinder directly from the artwork supplied.
4- Proofing of the design and alteration in design.
5- Gravure Printing (7 lines of 6 - 8 color Printing machines are installed)
6- Dry Lamination by solvent based or Solvent less system.
7- Extrusion coating and lamination as per the requirement
8- Micro - Slitting
9- Bag making
10- Label film and shrink film
11- High barrier nylon and EVOH film
12- Wax Coating / Hot melt coating of paper.

Roto - Grave Printing
High Resolution on latest European Roto-gravure Press using various substrates as per customer requirements:

OPP - Polypropylene, all grades including slip, coextruded, metallized and acrylic coating. (15 to 30 microns)

PE - Polyethylene, all grades and gauges of polyethylene. (15 to 150 microns)

PET- Polyester, metallised and coated grades. (12 to 150 microns)

Cello - Cellophane - coated and uncoated cellophanes.

Paper - Imported as well as local. (38 to 100 gsm)

Nylon - Coated and uncoated biaxial and monoaxially oriented nylon.

The purpose of a laminate is to combine the best of all properties. Protection, aesthetics, machinability and cost into a single packaging structure. Laminates are made for the simple reason that there is no "super substrate" possessing all desired properties.

At Metatex we also offer extrusion coating, wet and dry lamination. Keeping in view our customer's requirements, we have added a solventless laminator that ensures environment friendly solvent free process and no residual solvents in the material.

Application of Laminated Films (Examples)

Cookies: OPP / LDPE

Snack Foods: OPP / LDPE

Meat: CNY (ONY) / LDPE

Coffee: Paper / Alu / LDPE

Stew / Curry: PET / Alu / CPP
(Retort Pouch) PET / ONY / CPP
PET / ONY / Alu / CPP

We offer a wide range of bags, gusseted Bags, Pouches, Standup Pouches and Labels / Sleeves. We have high-speed bag making machines, which are size adjustable and can produce different heat-sealed and glue sealed bags.

Gusseted Bags:
Seal up the fresh-roasted aroma and taste that end users love in packaging that lasts. The bags are provided high barrier protection against freshness robbing moisture and oxygen. Silver or Gold bags are available in both wide and narrow versions to handle greater volume.

Our high standard pouches have a wide size range and a style that is an Eye-Catcher when placed on shelves.

Stand up pouches
Constructed of a durable multiplayer laminate, our standup pouches are available in a wide range of size, perfect for simply displaying the product through Eye-Catching Printing or Crystal Clear Pouches. These pouches are available in Zippers or Degassing Valves or as per the customer's demand.

As one of the largest manufacturers of flexible packaging, Metatex has its own State-of-the-Art Pre-Press System. Following receipt of the digital / manual Art-Works from the customers, our pre-press work starts. Our Rotogravure printing process is undisputedly of the highest quality in the field of flexible packaging. As with all extreme precision process, here to there are differences in the details of process, which transform a good printing result into a very good one. The process of pre press has been changing consistently due to the introduction of new and more sophisticated equipment. We realize the importance of a good pre press system and within the last few years we have successfully installed Swiss Based Copper Plating Tanks, Chrome Plating Tank, a Polish Master and Ohio + Daetwyler made film less Electronic Engraver.

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