The essential interface between our research, development and process knowledge makes us the best to implement demanding packaging requirements or to improve existing ones.

New product development through research is the reason behind Metatex being an industry leader. Continuous investment in R & D and a desire to make improvements in existing products has led to phenomenal growth in the company's customer base. Our team of dedicated research experts constantly strives to provide our customers with the latest applications of multi layer and high barrier films. To achieve these tasks, we work round the clock to evaluate new raw materials like film, resins, inks, and adhesive to achieve a good balance in all the desired properties.

Our Laboratory

Metatex has a full-fledged modern laboratory that works round the clock to check all the in-coming raw material and in process goods. An independent Quality Assurance Department is responsible for keeping all the equipment regularly updated to retain accuracy and for maintaining quality through every stage - from selection of raw material though "in process control" to the inspection of finished goods. We work closely with our customers to minimize in process wastages in order be more cost effective. A Zero-Defect program has been implemented to reduce the wastage to the bare minimum.

State of the art quality inspection instruments are installed for on line quality check. Parameters such as tensile strength, bursting strength, bond strength, etc are checked by Quality Checkers.

The lab is equipped with a GAS CHROMATOGRAPH to check residual solvent in printed films and laminates. WVTR equipment to check water vapour transmission rates in films and laminates, a color spectro photometer for color matching and a host of other gadgets to check the quality of material being produced.

Laboratory Equipment:

- Coater / Printer
- Vacuum Metalliser
- Gas Chromatograph.
- Tensile Strength Tester.
- WVTR Testing Equipment.
- Heat Sealers
- Controlled Oven
- Spectrophotometer
- Laminator
- Chemical Analysis
- Attritor / Bead Mills
- Light Boxes - UV and normal
- Hot Stampers and Roll Transfer Equipment

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